Thursday, July 2, 2020

Uplift Your Career with Data Science Courses. Find Out How!

Data Science

About Data Science Programs

Data Science is an integral part of the corporate sector nowadays. Data is not only the most important asset companies have but it is equivalent to currency. Data has sacred entity value which cannot be ignored. The management and analysis of data is a whole different industry in itself.

This is where the importance of data science masters degree comes into play. These degree courses train students to become professionals who will handle all the tasks associated with this realm of work.

Career Prospects of Data Science Program

Data Science courses are relevantly new to the Indian masses. They are still not in the mainstream to the people. However, it is important to note that the career opportunities which students can get after the completion of their degree are really progressing.

Within a span of 32 months, over 8566 new job vacancies open up for data science graduates.

There has been a constant rise of at least 12% new employment openings for students.

Data science is on the verge of becoming the most enrolled course in East India.

It remains to be one of the fastest-growing fields in the business and corporate sector.

The IT, analytical, service and also the marketing business is booming with job openings for data science graduates.

All you really have to do is enroll in a data science course from an affiliated college which promises good placement. Taking all of the aforementioned factors into account, iLead College stands out to be the most prosperity driven institute for students.

The great thing about Data Science courses is that they are really versatile. Students have the scope to choose from all kinds of different job areas and specializations to make an impact. There are job roles available in so many different areas.

Information Technology (IT)
Computing and Analytics
Digital Marketing
Software, Coding and AI
Freelance and etc.

Do you see how diverse the work opportunities really are? With the digitization of government portals and offices, it has become possible for candidates to also apply for government positions.

There are IT cells and data analytical departments for various government organizations as well. Building a career of your choice is not going to be any kind of issue in the data analytics course.

Where can I study from?

Now that you have decided on taking up data analytics, it is important that you choose the right college for it too. iLead College provides the best education in Data Science. The course is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). It also offers 100% placement assistance o all students upon the successful completion of their degree course.

With an experienced faculty, dedicated staff and world-class training; iLead would groom you to become a top-notch professional. Get an opportunity to get internships in some of the best companies in and across India.

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